- Major improvement in Footprint List Builder performance. In prior versions the Footprint List Builder would generate all the footprints in a background thread and after it was finished, would dump them all into the footprints list at once. This was fine for generating small and medium sized batches of footprints (less than 100k), but caused long UI hangs when generating larger lists.

The Footprint List Builder now updates the footprint list as it goes, which offers numerous advantages:
* Better UI stability
* Faster list generation
* If you stop the list generator, you will still be able to export the footprints that were generated before stopping

There is still a tradeoff between how fast the list generator works, and how stable the UI is. This depends on how many footprints are being added to the list at a time. The more footprints added at a time, the faster the generator runs but the longer it takes for the UI to refresh the list. An option has been added to the General Settings that allows you to control the list refresh frequency. This value can be anywhere from a minimum of 100 (slowest & most stable) to a maximum of 10,000 (faster, but UI may hang for upward of a full minute on larger lists).

Results will vary depending on your system’s resources. Here are the results of our initial testing with a list of 342,540 footprints at different refresh frequencies to illustrate the speed differences and the potential limitations:

Older Version: Less than half of the 342k list generated at 10 minutes
Refresh Frequency of 100: 10m 35s to finish
Refresh Frequency of 1000: 8m 3s to finish
Refresh Frequency of 2500: 7m 53s to finish
Refresh Frequency of 5000: 7m 51s to finish
Refresh Frequency of 10000: 8m 14s to finish